19 October 2014

earning my stripes!

Sunday afternoon was my only chance to wet a line this weekend, but even then that wasn't looking likely, with recent rain I wasn't sure if any grayling rivers would be fishable or not and with limited time it wasn't worth taking the risk to travel to them, tide times didn't suit for a flounder trip either so it would have to be some local coarse fishing or nothing at all. I thought about having a walk along the canal with the lrf gear to try for some perch but speaking to Col on the phone he told me the canal was quite coloured and not worth bothering with. I had resigned myself to the fact that I wasn't going to get out and then I had one more idea, there's a quarry five minutes up the road which always has good clarity, and I knew it had some Perch in it too as Col caught one from there last year when we were fishing for Tench, why not i thought ,it was worth a try anyway.
Soon I was tackling up at the quarry and I have to say my first thoughts were ones of anger and annoyance at the amount of litter and crap left by the boozed up neds who seem to frequent places like this, the usual empty beer tins, old fishing line and camp fires strewn all over the place, what is it with these idiots when they think this is acceptable behaviour... rant over. Anyway I set up with a small jig head and a Lake Fork baby shad and started to cover the swim in front of me,  after a few casts I connected with what turned out to be a lovely wee Perch

soon after i took another smaller one but any visions of a bumper catch were short lived as it then went dead, after a while i decided to move to another spot which wasn't as easy as it sounds what with the steep banking's and dense undergrowth.

the next spot produced another nice Perch, this time on a Lemon Meringue Crappie Minnr!

another couple of moves around the quarry resulted in a couple of micro jack Pike, all welcome though on a day which i didn't promise much hope

there's one or two other venues in the area that could be worth a try for perch, ill keep them up my sleeve for when i'm stuck on a day like today.

12 October 2014

Making the most of it

This weekend i thought i would have another try for the wrasse whilst conditions still allow, Col reckoned sea temperatures were still good and with low wind speeds over the last few days i hoped that water clarity would be ok too. Fishing was slow to begin with but in one area inside the harbour i was getting regular bites, eventually hooking one of the little critters, a first for me, a Sand Goby!

 out front i caught a tiny Cod and a coalfish but still no sign of the wrasse, i resorted to casting the dropshot rig out a little and twitching it back slowly, this resulted in two or three welcome Pollack to help make up for the lack of wrasse activity .

 eventually i started to get the familiar tap tap bites from the wrasse with the tide half way up

  the fishing got better and better up to high tide, with both Ballan's and another first for me the pretty little corkwing wrasse

sea scorpions put in an appearance too, there not very cooperative when it comes to having the hook removed, they lock their mouths shut and vibrate in your hand!

only downside on Saturday was when i hooked a real cracker of a Ballan, i had him played out and estimated him to be around the three pound mark, i had to hand line him up the sea wall and you guessed it, we parted company, i was a bit gutted! think i need to look into getting a drop net. Still it was a great fun day with some nice fish landed.

Today i was back for more, again it was slow to get going but i occupied myself  fishing for the sand gobys for a while

once the tide was well in i started to get the familiar taps from the wrasse including this little goldsinny

managed a couple of codling today as well, good fun on the light gear

and this, think its a yarrels blennie like the ones Col and Scott caught? another uncooperative fish for unhooking i found out.

a nice ballan  

an enjoyable couple of days fishing, don't know how much longer we'll get before the wrasse go off the feed but its great fun whilst it lasts.

5 October 2014

seasons end

In all honestly I didn't think I would be fishing for trout again this season, but with much needed rain at the end of last week I had a change of heart today and decided to check out a local burn, i wasn't sure if it would be fishable or not but there's only one way to find out. Sure enough it was running high with a tinge of colour but it looked ok.

working the slacks and side streams with a big klinky/tan glister bug duo seemed to work a treat in the stained water and soon i had brought a few trout to hand

this was the theme for the day with most pools producing a trout or two, i worked my way upstream a good distance, its not the easiest stream to walk, some dodgy wading and a lot of scrambling through the undergrowth, but its worth the effort!

at the back of five i had to call it a day and face the torturous walk back downstream to the car, that's definitely it for this season now, but it was nice to end it on one of my favorite local burns.

29 September 2014

Wake me up when September ends

The back end of the trout season has been a bit of a disappointment to be honest with the rivers and burns now down to their bones,  and with the season soon coming to an end  I doubt I'll be fishing for trout again until next year now. Not that I'm too bothered as there's plenty of other species to target in the months ahead.

The dry and mild September has been great for Col's wrasse fishing exploits on the other hand so when he suggested that we go over to Burntisland on Sunday I jumped at the chance, I've had a couple of short visits there myself this summer failing miserably on both occasions so I was keen for Col to show me the ropes. We arrived an hour before low tide and our first job to do was dig some rag worm, Col has a garden fork conveniently stashed in the undergrowth so he doesn't need to carry it on the train all the time!  after twenty minutes digging we had more than enough rag to do us the afternoon.

ain't nothing like the real thing
Once at the harbour we fished away in the inside wall for an hour or so without much interest apart from the odd tap, then Col took the first Wrasse of the day, a little Ballan in what could have only been a couple of feet of water max followed by his first Goldsinny wrasse of the day

switching between fishing on the inside and outside of the harbour wall the familiar tap tap bang bites of the wrasse became more frequent as the tide came in,

Col was broken by this one only to catch him a little while later on and get his hook back!

a goldsinny and a ballan

Col was using a size 18 hook with Corkwing wrasse in mind

no fillings required here!

on the light gear even the little wrasse put up a scrap, every now and then a bigger one would come along, and most of the time they won the fight, you really have to keep them out of the snags to have any chance of landing them.

after getting snapped on the cast before i was pleased to keep my last ballan of the afternoon out of the snags

at the back of five we had to leave to catch the train home, i can see why Col's been so addicted  to fishing for them this summer, brilliant fun on the light gear.

14 September 2014

Another bash at the wrasse

The tide times looked good so i headed for Burntisland for another go at the wrasse  . At lowtide i first dug some lug and even managed a few king rag. With the bait dug plus some prawn and of course the power-isome and gulp  sandworms i set of for a bit dropshotting. At first bites were hard to come by the sea was  a bit green looking  for my liking and i wondered if the lack of clarity was a factor. Before long i hit into a wrasse but i just couldnt stop him and and he broke me, Think it was a good one .

A few nice ones followed though all the way up to high tide on small sections of lug and rag , the prawn only seemed to get the interest of the odd sea scorpion .

 My wee shimano alivio reel is playing up a bit , so a new  Aernos is in the post.  On this occasion the goldsinnys didnt show, though they have on previous trips .

and there has been a oddity or two as well including this wee fellae which i think is a Yarrel's blenny?

yarrels blenny?

8 September 2014

september smutting

After being tormented by a shoal of Mullet down at Torness last weekend  i was all set to have another try for them on Saturday morning, i had a couple of loafs and some sardines ready to go but was forgetting Ruth had to work in the morning so it would have to be a bit of trout fishing in the afternoon instead. I noticed that my fly boxes were getting fairly depleted on my last trip out so I dug my fly tying stuff out of the cupboard to tie up one or two wire nymphs and a few smut patterns, I'm ashamed to say that my fly tying stuff is all over the place, I'm needing to get it tided up so materials are easier to find!

So in the afternoon I decided to nip through to the Clyde, I walked downstream a good distance from the car to a big pool that I  last fished in the springtime, stopping at one or two familiar pools on the way, I rose a couple from these pools but didn't waste to much time as I thought I would have time to fish them on the way back up.

bank side poppies

Once I was down at the big pool I was encouraged to see a few risers and quickly took a trout of a pound on the nymph,  a change over to a smut pattern to cover a tiny dimple rise of what I assumed was a grayling turned out to be a good  trout which wasn't happy at all about being hooked, going airborne when I struck.

1lb 12oz

A switch over to the nymph again to fish the head brought another pounder before I made my way upstream again, I covered a few risers unsuccessfully on the way back  to the car but with time getting on was happy enough with my three trout for the afternoon.

Sunday afternoon I managed to get out again, this time I stayed local and fished one of the burns which was a little on the low side for my liking.

the fishing wasn't easy but switching between the klink/nymph duo for the faster water and smut patterns for any risers brought me one or two nice trout and a few fish lost.

one on the nymph
i was being watched!

this one fell to a smut pattern
its supposed  to be another dry week so it doesn't look like the rivers are going to get a top up any time soon, main goal this week is to get my fly tying stuff into some kind of order, i might have a go for the mullet again next weekend if the weather and tides are suitable but if not i'll be just as happy on a river bank.