28 June 2015

Going for a Tumble

Another catch up . Went down to Dunbar harbour a few weeks ago.
low water 

Started in the rock pools at low tide managed a wee sea lss scorpion on a 0.9g jig head and lure combo.
After failing to find anyother  real decent rock pools and just about killing myself on the wet sea weed coverd rocks i went round to the harbour . there i caught some micro plaice , some flounder and some coalfish and some sea scorpions , unfortunately the innere harbour was a bit muddied so didnt produce.
a little plaice on a pink  crazy river cruel leech 
isome and chebarushka worked for this lss scorpion
Scott gets amongst the coalies

The next day Scott invited me for a tour of st Abbs Head. I was fair excited about the prospects , Scott was straight into the coalfish on some wee metals , there a good average size too. He also did quite well with the Pollock on them , in fact he had 3 nice pollack through out the course of the day and they gave a really good account of themselves on the light gear.

This pollack wolfed down a  june bug stick worm
I was keen to get my first wrasse of the year . And after us getting some taps , one stuck he took a dropshotted  6" gulp! sandworm .

I lost a fish shortly after that i suspect was a bigger wrasse?

The swell increased as the tide came in and we decided to move to another mark not before taking on a untested mark which not only didnt produce as it was very snaggy it caused us a bit problems getting back up, with crumbling sandstone and loose soil, but ventually we were back on terra firma .
More details on scotts blog here .

After trying there we had a go in the harbour we had a few flounder before heading to Starney bay .
Scott intercepts a departing flounder at the mouth 

cruel leech strikes again

 There the fishing was really slow then all of a sudden it kicked off , Scott managed another two pollack the last one gave us a fantastic visual fighting display in thecrystal clear water , i had a flouder and released a nice cod as i tried to get it to the landing area  , looks like it would be  good one for the fly rod as you can easily get in a backcast.

The man with 3 pollacks

savage gear psycho sprats worked well 
A big thanks to scott for the tour , really enjoyed it , its a awesome spot.

14 June 2015

Whats been happening?

Been ages since i last done a post , mostly due to lack of time , and access to the pc .
Theres been a few fishing trips , the first i recall was a LRF fishing meet with Scott and Guy about a month ago  we met at Dunbar harbour . Whilst waiting for scott and guy to arrive i fished various spots in the harbour and manageda little sand goby on a  pink crazyfish tipsy worm attached to a heavy 7g cheburashka for control in the strong winds.
 Not long after that Scott and Guy arrived and we fished in the corner for the various little flat fish and it wasnt long before we had a few little plaice between us.
Later we moved in to the inner harbour as the tide began to come in , Scott between me and guy was hitting flounders pretty regularly whilst we couldn't get a fish . The way the isome worm was rigged was interesting and maybe the key , something i learned and ill remember .
Scott with one of his flounders and that rig
 After that we went down to st Abbs harbour to see if there was anything else around. We managed cod , coalies wee pollack and a few flounder .
Scott and guy fishing off the quayside
flounder on dropshot rig
 It was great meeting up with Scott again and fishing with Guy and hopefully the Light game fishing group that Scott has started will flourish, its a great opportunity to learn new tactics and share ideas , plus unlike many forms of fishing this does suit the social aspect, which I like.

Ive also had the odd trout trip though theyve been pretty uneventful , with often  coloured water and high winds.
a solitary steady riser 

Last weekend i went to visit my parents in Arbroath my brother happened to be home in Arbroath to at the time so we planned for a few hours on Elliot beach , with the prospect of a turbot.

mission accomplished

 lots of little flounders and a single turbot.Not  bad  for a few hours fishing.

That pretty much brings me up to date. Was hoping for a trip to Skye with Brian this weekend but due to a dog wih a split paw I've got to keep my eye on him this weekend . Still I've got a holiday in Fuertevenura next week and yes ill be taking the rod, and maybe ill get out before then. So until next time ................

14 May 2015

When the Hawthorns appear

A day off today and an opportunity to go fishing. Was keen to go for trout today been a while since I have done being hampered by less than ideal conditions. Today an easterly blew and when i arrived at the river at the back of 12 pm very little was happening , what was evident though was the masses of hawthorn in the undergrowth.
Hawthorn fly
The fishing was slow and when i arrived at the pool i was really looking forward to i was moved on by two guys who had been waiting for the hatch to materialise i left them the pool and  headed further upstream. For about the next hour i didn't see much but once the olives finally put in a appearance the odd trout started to show  i started picking them off on shucked cdc's , and it was nice to see a few nice fish put in a appearance.
shucked cdc

Continuing upstream through some brambly terrain i came to a nice looking slow pool and near its tail a fish was rising under a tree.
 I eventually fooled the fish in to taking the shucked cdc , at first i didn't realise its size until I laid eyes on him , he behaved himself mostly just jagging away left and right , that's until he caught sight of me with a out stretched arm and a net , then he woke up and went ballistic taking line , and taking to the air , eventually though he tired and i managed to scoop him up.

He went 2 1/2 lb in the weigh net.

I was pleased to land such a fine fish. It had been a fine day to cast a fly. Now  I've really got to spend some time at the vice as stocks are getting low, might do a few hawthorn imitations too im sure its just a matter of time before the trout start picking  them off.

golden arches

8 May 2015

On the Quayside (following scotts footsteps)

Thursday was my day off , i didn't know what to do , the rivers were swollen and the winds have been pretty strong recently luckily though they've mostly been westerlies ,so i decided to have a go down at Dunbar , and have a go with my increasing stash of lrf gear. This is actually my second visit a few weeks ago i had my first i had a few flounder but felt i never truly set the heather on fire i did though use some new tackle  cheburaska wit a trailing size 10 hook .  put directly on a size 10 hook , i managed a few follows , but it wasn't until going drop shot i got a couple of flounder on pink isome and gulp angle worm.

On this visit though i took a few tips from Scott Hutchinson's excellent blog something fishy going on  . The one thing i took was how he made his own assist hooks for using with the cheburashkas . I quickly made a few up before heading out the door . To be honest i wasn't sure what to expect when i got there and if it was going to be a complete waste of time with the sea state , but i was glad to see good clarity although it was quite gusty in the main harbour . I started off  in a corner of the harbour, the water was fairly shallow using the cheburashka and a size 10 assist I managed a wee flatty not sure if its flounder or plaice to be honest.
I carried on hoping for flatty no.2 but noticed the wee fellaes in pursuit of my slowly jigged angleworm , but felt the hook was to big , so i fashioned a few size 18 owner pin hook assist's from a small loop of nylon  , it worked pretty well.
think this ones a wee plaice
a few more little flatties followed before i decide to move again , this time to the inner most harbour. On arrival the sport was red hot , continuing with my same cheburaska size 18 hook with a red angle worm my first 4 casts resulted in fish , some even required the use of a drop net .

It was great fun i even managed a couple on my new crazyfish tipsy worms.

It was great fun , till the sport subsided about a hour approaching high tide, i then tried dropshotting to try and get another fish but it was pretty dead. looking forward to more LRF type trips , particularly wrasse fishing during the summer when it finally arrives.

20 April 2015

At last!

What a slow start to the season it's been for me but not from the lack of trying, each weekend since March 15th ive been out only to draw a blank on each occasion. I was on holiday in gran canaria last week so no trout fishing then, but at least the little damsel fish and ornate wrasse were biting when I dabbled in a bit of LRF.

So on Sunday fully recovered from the long journey home I thought I would spend the afternoon on a local burn where surely it's residents would be beginning  to wake up? thankfully It didn't take long to find out as on my second cast an eager little brownie took the big klinkhammer only to shed the hook seconds later, no mater one of his pals took the nymph further up the pool and i was able to bring my first trout of the season to hand.

Usually I only get the time to fish this burn so far up before having to walk back to the car but today I had the opertunity to venture further upstream since I had arranged for my wife to pick me up at a bridge upstream,  great as I was keen to rediscover some of the pools I used to fish regularly after school many years ago.
Primula's litter the bankside

these daff's looked great in the spring sunshine

Working my way upstream I found that some pools produced a trout or two, and others which I thought might were strangely quite, not fully wakened up yet but I think.

old life

new life

Time was getting on before I had to be at the pick up point but time for one more pool, I remember this pool used to be a good place for a bigger than average trout then I was a lad so had a cast up the pool with a little more optimism perhaps than some of the previous pools, sure enough a trout swirled at the big klinkhammer but I missed him, he looked a better fish too so I thought a change to a little 14 klinkhammer might bring him up again, pleasingly it did and after a spirited little scrap I was able to end my day with a nice half punner, maybe even 10oz a good trout for this stream.

trout of the day

sitting on the bridge waiting to be picked up i could see another trout rising in the corner pool, he'll have to wait until next time.